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Title:Kunming Airport hotels
Post 1 Kunming Airport hotels Mar 30,08 09:41 AM

Does anyone know if there are any hotels at Kunming International Airport or close to it? Any help is appreciated,


Post 2 Re:Kunming Airport hotels 2008-03-30 10:29:12.0

If my memory serves, there are only two hotels within walking distance (both are roughly 3-5 minutes walk) from the airport terminal: Kunming International Airport Hotel and Kunming Airport Sightseeing Hotel (also known as Kunming International Airport Tour Hotel).

I remember that Kunming International Airport Hotel was a 2-star property according to the Chinese standard while Kunming Airport Sightseeing Hotel was 3-star. Sadly both hotels don"t have a website nor they offer any type of Internet bookings - only direct phone reservations with the hotel are accepted.

The phone numbers were (not sure if these are still correct) +86-(0)871-7176965 for Kunming International Airport Hotel and +86-(0)871-7177038 for Kunming Airport Sightseeing Hotel.

However, due to the close distance between airport and city centre in Kunming, I"d recommend you to stay in the city if you cannot cope with non-Western hotels or anything worse than the normal 4-star standard.

Hopefully this helps.

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