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Title:Best Local Food in Shanghai?
Post 1 Best Local Food in Shanghai? Mar 29,08 05:50 AM

Hi guys.

Anybody knows where to find the best local food in Shanghai? Sorry I know some street food in Shanghai are probably very tasty, but I want somewhere fairly decent (doesn"t have to be 5-star, but at least reasonably upmarket in a relaxed environment), so a somewhat high-end Shanghaiese restaurant will do the job. Just hope some recommendations are forthcoming here.


Post 2 Re:Best Local Food in Shanghai? 2008-03-30 13:25:18.0
Try the Jin Chun Jing Zuo Fang (Sorry, that"s their Chinese name in pinyin, they don"t seem to have English name) on Hongmei Road, very reasonably priced (probably around RMB100 per person in average) and I have had some of most authentic Shanghaiese food there, but I urge you to go there with Chinese-speaking friends as the waitresses there speak little English and 99% of the customers are Chinese.

Nonetheless, the atmosphere there is fairly quiet, relaxing and comfortable by any standard, and very rarely I see those noise-making or loudly shouting customers which you can normally expect at an average Chinese restaurant. Some of their most well-known dishes include Jin Chun Roast Chicken, Shanghaiese Shengjian Buns and Tangqiao Ribs etc. Reservation is strongly recommended, particularly for busy nights like Fridays and Saturdays. Their phone number is +86-(0)21-62629958 (It"s better to get your Chinese-speaking friend to make the reservation as they may struggle with English).

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Post 3 Re:Best Local Food in Shanghai? 2008-04-24 16:10:54.0

I am yet to try this place (Jin Chun Jing Zuo Fang) out, so no first-hand details here, but this was the only review post about this restaurant on City Weekend website:

When Simple Suffices

Packed on a Friday night, brightly lit and clean, Jin Chun seemed promising. The menu presented the usual Shanghainese fare, starting with cold dishes of which we had to try what they called, "Fingered Citron Mushroom in Gravy" (YY16). Apparently, a more appropriate translation would have been "Buddha"s fingers minced mushrooms," but hey, still sounds equally interesting. What emerged from the kitchen was a plate of button mushrooms immersed in oil and a special soy sauce. Simple, yet tasty. The true test of a Shanghainese restaurant would be a mean hongshau rou (YY 42). Jin Chun"s had the right flavor but the wrong texture. Told not to miss the homemade braised chicken--Jin Chun style--we obliged with half an order (YY38) and wished we had gotten the whole chicken (YY68). The rice vermicelli pot (fensi) came highly recommended and despite the oiliness, did not disappoint. Come for the last two dishes and some DVD shopping across the street. --Sabine Chichioco

Sounds like a great place to fill my taste buds for local Shanghaiese dishes...

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Post 4 Re:Best Local Food in Shanghai? 2010-09-12 01:00:34.0
If you like the perfect mixture of Chinese and Western food, then try any Element Fresh outlet in Shanghai, they are super tasty with excellent service!
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