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Title:Good SPA in Shenzhen?
Post 1 Good SPA in Shenzhen? Mar 24,08 01:06 PM

Going over to Shenzhen fairly soon, and love to have a SPA after a week of endless paperworks there, are there any great SPA you guys would suggest? Price is not a factor since someone else will be paying.


Post 2 Re:Good SPA in Shenzhen? 2008-03-29 05:32:43.0
Well, there is a place called Queen SPA in Shenzhen.

I heard fairly mixed comments and experiences, some say it is truely amazing while others say it is overcrowded, expensive (by Chinese standard) and always try to upsell with a strong push for tipping etc.

I think it is on Chunfeng Road in Shenzhen"s Luohu Dist.
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