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Title:Help needed on Shenzhen airport hotels
Post 1 Help needed on Shenzhen airport hotels Mar 24,08 01:02 PM

Do you folks have any recommendation on some hotel options closeby to Shenzhen airport?

Budget is probably less than RMB400 per night.


Post 2 Re:Help needed on Shenzhen airport hotels 2008-03-24 17:19:59.0

I have no first-hand experience or knowledge about hotels nearby to the airport in Shenzhen, but the following was taken from Shenzhen Airport"s website (http://eng.szairport.com/catalog_493.aspx):


    Situated in Shenzhen Airport with total floor area of 12000m2, Airline Hotel Shenzhen is the most warm and Deluxe hotel in Shenzhen Airport. Airline Hotel is situated at the side of Airport Avenue and Guang-Shen Highway, and adjacent to Airport Lounge, enjoying convenient traffic.
     The Hotel is a three-star foreign-related hotel integrating catering, accommodation, entertainment and bodybuilding into a whole, sets such service facilities as Housekeeping Department, Recreation Department and Business Center, and provides complete service such as ticket booking, vehicle lease, conference room lease, airport pickup free of charge, hall and ping-pong gymnasium and so on.
     Airline Hotel sets VIP room, deluxe suite, double room, single room, totaling 120 with unique design and elegant decoration taste, installs central air-conditioning system, supply cold and hot water and provide laundering service. The Hotel sets reception hall, safe-box, hall, facility for flights inquiry, and direct dial to be convenient to the hotel guests greatly.
     Chinese food restaurant in the first floor and western food restaurant in the third floor of the hotel enjoy elegant environment and unique flavor. In the second floor of the hotel sets beauty and hairdressing center, in the first floor sets service center for air ticket and train ticket booking and in the fourth floor sets bodybuilding club to provide service to passengers.
Housekeeping Department, Recreation Department, Business Center, Hall, Ping-pong Gymnasium, VIP Room, Deluxe Suite, Double Room, Single Room
Charging Standard
Room TypePrice (Yuan)Current Price (Yuan)
Standard Single Room330298
Standard Double Room368328
Deluxe Double Room418378
Standard Triple Room498448
Deluxe Suite818


Extra Bed88 

Post 3 Re:Help needed on Shenzhen airport hotels 2008-03-29 05:38:59.0
I think what lingam has posted is the only hotel available in Shenzhen airport area, but I"d avoid that hotel at all costs - I think it is better to stick to a more reputable hotel brand, particularly if you speak no Chinese.
Post 4 Re:Help needed on Shenzhen airport hotels 2010-09-12 00:58:54.0
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