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Title:Internet cafe or kiosk at Beijing airport?
Post 1 Internet cafe or kiosk at Beijing airport? Mar 23,08 08:08 AM
Hi everyone. Is there any Internet cafe or even one of those coin-operated Internet kiosk available at Beijing airport?
Post 2 Re:Internet cafe or kiosk at Beijing airport? 2008-03-24 17:07:45.0

If my memory serves me right, there used to some sort of Internet cafe on Level 3 in Beijing airport"s Terminal 2 (T2), they had a flat rate of RMB50 for using the Internet and you can have some simple drinks (e.g. water etc.) for free, but have to pay for things like soft drinks etc. Not sure if they are still there and the rates they charge now.

Moreover, there were certainly a few Internet kiosks in T2"s domestic departure hall as well, those can be used for free, but it seemed they don"t always turn them on and sometimes there would be a staff member around the kiosks and only let you to use it for maybe 10-15 minutes or so.

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