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Title:ATR aircraft in China?
Post 1 ATR aircraft in China? Dec 18,07 01:37 AM

I am looking for details on ATR aircraft being operated by any Chinese carrier(s).

I understand China Southern Xinjiang subsidiary operates a few ATRs. However, does anyone have detailed info on these planes?

Also, is there any other airline in China has ATR plane in their fleet?

Many thanks.

Post 2 Re:ATR aircraft in China? 2007-12-25 02:15:39.0
Not sure if the following details are still up-to-date, but these are what I have gathered from various sources so far:

China Southern Airlines Xinjiang Branch has 5 ATR aircraft in its fleet, all of them are ATR-72 (no ATR-42), their respective rego. are B-3022/3023/3025/3026/3027.xiayi(03/23/08 07:57)
Post 3 Re:ATR aircraft in China? 2008-03-23 07:57:46.0
To KAGGZ: Thanks for the in锛︼集锛诧辑ative response.
Post 4 Re:ATR aircraft in China? 2008-09-13 00:06:19.0
yes ,cs xj breach has 5 ATR,I have flown such a/c,inf by KAGGZ is very correct !
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