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Title:Any experience with China United?
Post 1 Any experience with China United? Nov 30,07 05:48 PM

Being an adventurous traveller and always wanting to try something new, but have yet to fly with China United Airlines, I am interested in taking a flight with the airline on my next domestic trip.


However, before I go on a flight with them, just wonder if any other board member had had first-hand experience with China United?


If so, what shall I expect? Similar products and services as offered by other domestic carriers in China, or something quite unique and different?


Please share some insights if possible. Thanks a million.

Post 2 Re:Any experience with China United? 2007-12-02 03:30:45.0
if you have tried the Shanghai Airlines,you can expect quite same things,same airplanes,same cabin layout,same catering,even similiar logo,because it"s son company of Shanghai airlinesmaster(12/02/07 06:42)
Post 3 Re:Any experience with China United? 2007-12-07 10:04:57.0
china united iarline is ok. i had a chance with them. the service was good,
is pretty safe and comfortable as well.
hope you will have a good trip.master(12/07/07 23:27)
Post 4 Re:Any experience with China United? 2007-12-12 18:50:58.0
The only advantages for China United are:

1. Shorter distance between the airport and downtown in Beijing as China United is the only carrier using Beijing Nanyuan Airport. - This can save 1 hour for many passengers due to Beijing"s shocking traffic jams.

2. Free shuttle bus between Nanyuan Airport and Xidan in downtown Beijing (must show your China United flight ticket or boarding pass on the day of travel).

Nothing else to write home about really.
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