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Title:How to avoid miscommunication
Post 1 How to avoid miscommunication Apr 04,11 06:00 PM

http://aviationenglishworld.comThe Avianca Airlines crash in New York helps raise awareness of the various factors that can negatively impact communication, such as: low English level, rudeness, time pressure, multi-tasking and unfamiliarity with an airport. 

In this fatal accident the Columbian crew were flying into an unfamiliar airport in severe weather conditions.  The airport was busy, the controllers were under stress due to time pressure from the mangement and they had to place planes in holding patterns due to low visibility and delays.

The English level of the Captain added to the pressure, as he was not able to make himself understood. He declared that he was running out of fuel, but he did not declare an emergency.  A missed approach and subsequent fuel exhaustion led to the loss of many lives.

In the free English lesson provided here you will be able to see greater details of this accident and will learn the English skills required to describe the events you"ll see taking place in video.  For further help and advice and interesting reading on aviation communication and human factors, please got to Aviation English World blog

Aviation Communication has to improve in order for the skies to get safer.



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