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Title:Delta says frequent-flier miles won't expire
Post 1 Delta says frequent-flier miles won't expire Feb 16,11 02:06 PM

Delta announced Tuesday that it"s ditching expiration dates for its frequent flier miles, another tweak to a program that has seen a fair bit of renovation in recent months. Delta"s SkyMiles used to expire after two years of inactivity if you did not earn or redeem miles. The airline reserves the right to close an account and rescind the miles if a person "does not respond to repeated communication attempts regarding the status of his/her account."

Delta"s program has experienced some stumbles in recent years, primarily because of tight seat inventory. Delta mileage collectors were not pleased. You"ll also struggle to find many round-trip award seats at the basic 25,000 miles level common at other airlines. (It"s far more likely that you"ll need to cough up 40,000 or more.) In September, in an interview with airline blogger Brett Snyder, SkyMiles" chief, vice president Jeff Robertson, all but conceded that the program had fallen behind rivals on seat availability.

Airlines book these miles as liabilities on their balance sheets. Delta"s expiration change, effective Jan. 1 of this year, incurs no financial consideration to the company, spokeswoman Chris Kelly Singley wrote in an email. Since 2007, Delta has carried only what it deems to be "good" miles, or those it estimates will be redeemed, she wrote. If such accounting is accepted across the industry, that"s potential good news for mileage aficionados in other programs: There may be no financial reason for other airlines not to end expiry dates.

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Post 2 Re:Delta says frequent-flier miles won't expire 2011-02-16 14:27:26.0
how about AA?
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