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Title:Aviation English instructor will prepare you for the EPEC exam
Post 1 Aviation English instructor will prepare you for the EPEC exam Jan 11,11 06:58 AM

The CAAC PEPEC exam deadline is March 2012. All airline transport pilots must be certified by the CAAC that they have met ICAO English Level 4 proficiency by that date. I am a retired American airline pilot (B727, B737, B757, B767) and previously a FAA Air Traffic Controller. I have more than 35 years of experience, a BS in Aeronautical Engineering and a TESOL certificate.

I would like to instruct or tutor CN airline pilots so that they will pass the PEPEC exam. While there are many books and CDs on the subject of Aviation English, they are intended for the student pilot and not the CN pilot flying on international routes. Are you prepared to pass the PEPEC?

Here is a sample test;

 Can you recite the English alphabet using ICAO pronunciations (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc.)?  You are nearing the destination airport and will be given instructions to hold at a waypoint that does not have a published holding pattern. In what order will the holding instructions be given? You have programmed the inflight navigational computer with the holding clearance instructions but the autopilot begins to enter the holding pattern in a different direction from the way you learned in school, what should you do? ATC told you to "expect further clearance" in twenty minutes. You have now been in the holding pattern for more than thirty minutes. What will you ask the controller? You have decided to proceed to your alternate airport. Does ATC know what your alternate airport is? You are on approach to the alternate airport and instructed to "sidestep", what does that mean? You have landed and are not familiar with this airport. The taxi diagram shows "ILS critical area" markings on the taxiway. What do they mean? You have taxied to the gate and a voice on the intercom says "chocks are in", is that a good thing to hear?

My email address is  capn_jer@yahoo.com and I would welcome your comments and suggestions.

Thank you.

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