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Title:flight from shenzhen to liuzhou
Post 1 flight from shenzhen to liuzhou Oct 09,08 03:43 PM
Hello All.
I am living in Germany and want to purchase a ticket for a flight from Shenzhen to Liuzhou. Unfortunatly I can"t speak or read chinese, so I just can use english websites. The most websites I found, don"t accept Liuzhou as destination.鑱�


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Post 2 Re:flight from shenzhen to liuzhou 2008-10-24 06:24:04.0

You may want to have a go at http://www.feeyo.com/enflight.htm

Good luck.

Post 3 Re:flight from shenzhen to liuzhou 2008-11-16 21:17:34.0
Flight No.AircraftDepartArriveFrequencyStop
EU2234319SHENZHEN [ 17:55 ] LIUZHOU [ 19:05 ] .

It"s a good tool to check flight schedule.

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